Dear Researchers, we are glad that you have decided to join us at this conference as either a Presenter or a Participant. All individuals interested in attending this event, participants and presenters alike, are required to register through the process below:

Step 1. Payment of Registration Fee

Step 2. Emailing the Scan of Payment Receipt and Necessary Information

Step 1

In order to register for the conference, you are cordially required to pay the registration fee first. Below are the fees as determined for different groups of attendees:

  • Presenters: 150,000 Tomans
  • ATU Presenters: 100,000 Tomans
  • Participants: 100,000 Tomans
  • ATU Participants: 80,000 Tomans
  • Dr. Nassaji's Workshop: 250,000 Tomans
  • Dr. Nassaji's Workshop for ATU Students: 200,000 Tomans
  • Other Workshops (Statistics Workshop): 150,000 Tomans

Please kindly deposit the due amount to the account below:

Account Number: 276 8000 12980223 1

Debit Card Number: 5022 2910 5981 1065

Account Holder: Dr. Mahnaz Mostafaii Alaii

In case you wish to attend the workshops, please kindly deposit your payments in separate receipts. 

Step 2

After paying the due amount, please send us the following via an email to

  • For Presenters
    • Full Name of Author(s)
    • Affiliation of Author(s)
    • Short Bio (max 50 words)
    • Scan of Payment Receipt

  • For Participants 
    • Full Name
    • Affiliation
    • Scan of Payment Receipt

Please bear in mind that Receipt of Payment will be considered as a final registration for the conference. Thus, those who register need not expect a confirmation email for their registration.